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In addition to the information you find on this website, we also offer several ways to learn about the original Bach Flower Remedies.

We offer:

  • 40+ books titles about the Bach Flower Remedies
  • Wall Poster
  • Reference Charts
  • DVD (Pal Version)
  • CD
  • Human and Pet Literature
  • Questionnaire

Poster wall chart

All can be found on:  —–   always the freshest stock available

Please remember that our staff have been trained by the Dr. Bach Foundation and can answer any questions you may have.

Rescue Remedy Chart

Rescue Remedy Chart


The Bach Foundation offers education on the Bach Flower Remedies, visit the Bach Centre’s website for more information



Family Flyer

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Bach dreamed of doctors who would understand people as individuals and study human nature rather than test tubes and lab results. And he imagined patients taking charge of their own health by understanding and accepting the needs of their souls, rather than attending to the needs of the body alone.