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Why We Sleep – Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

by Bettina

Bach’s “Rescue Sleep” helps calm our restless minds, providing natural relief of occasional sleeplessness cause by stress and repetitive thoughts. Bach Flower Remedies are non-sedative and non-habit forming.
The recently released book, with breakthrough research, “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, illustrates the harm caused by not sleeping seven or more hours per day and proposes ways to promote the sleep that we need.
Five Tips for Better Sleep from Dr. Matthew Walker

A Recent Study on Milk and ADHD

by Bettina

Changes in our diets can be used as a treatment intervention for ADHD. And according to a recent study from Norway, it seems that at least a sub-group of children with ADHD have a particular type of protein imbalance that may be contributing to a child’s ADHD symptoms, or may be causing that child’s ADHD […]