Bach Flower Education and Information

Bach Flower Education and Information

In addition to the information, you find on this website, we also offer several other ways to learn about the original Bach Flower Remedies.

The Bach Foundation offers education on the Bach Flower Remedies, visit the Bach Centre’s website for more information
Ideal for those interested in a Bach Flower Foundation Certification and Education

Upcoming Bach Flower Courses with Marjorie Ville, BFRP, CBP 786.447.2000, Florida

ONLINE, at your own pace.

Introduction to Dr. Edward Bach and his Amazing Flower Remedies by
Bach Flower Course with Certification of Completion
Learn about Dr. Bach’s life, how he discovered the Bach Flower Remedies, and how to use and select the correct Remedies for yourself and others.
Ideal for personal use and for those not interested in pursuing a Bach Flower Foundation Education 
The course includes:
Lessons include images, text, and videos followed by questions to reinforce the information and test your understanding.
– A Certificate of Completion (Upon achieving a 70% score)
– A Book: The 38 Bach Flower Remedies
– A $10.00 discount coupon

Need Help Selecting your Bach Flower Remedies?

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Please remember that our staff have been trained by the Dr. Bach Foundation and can answer any questions you may have.


Words dictated by Dr Bach days before he died in 1936:

“They who will obtain the greatest benefit from this God-sent Gift will be those who keep it pure as it is; free from science, free from theories.”

Dr. Bach dreamed of doctors who would understand people as individuals and study human nature rather than test tubes and lab results. And he imagined patients taking charge of their own health by understanding and accepting the needs of their souls, rather than attending to the needs of the body alone.