Walnut tree

– Walnut

Bach Flower Remedy Walnut

“For those who have definite ideals and ambitions in life and are fulfilling them, but on rare occasions are tempted to be led away from their own ideas, aims and work by the enthusiasm convictions or strong opinions of others. The remedy gives constancy and protection from outside influences.” Dr. Edward Bach

“Adapt To Change”

Keywords: Change, link breaker, menopause, puberty, moving, let go of the past, protection
Human indication:  Protection from outside influences and energies. Helps you adjust to major changes.
Animal/pet indication:  For any period of change.

Inactive Ingredient: Preservative 27% Grape Alcohol

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Bach Flower Remedy Walnut

Success Stories

Couldn’t be without it; have used it for 30 years, helps with letting go when I feel too attached, use it in my animals’ water when we go out of town so they aren’t distraught (along with rescue remedy) and I make up remedies for those who have lost an animal or loved one as part of a grief remedy, helps with all transitions, of which we are all going thru many weekly it seems!

I’m allergic to many items in the plant world, so I wanted to try something that I was pretty confident wouldn’t bother me. I used a few drops on the underside of my arm and rubbed them together. It was great. It gave me a very calm feeling and helped me relaxed. I’ve already purchased another bottle.

Works for me!
Decided to try a more natural approach to help me get thru a trying day at work. Just a few drops every few hours does helps me focus and give me the calmness I need to finish my tasks, even when the unexpected situation arises.

Prepare a Bach Flower Treatment Bottle

Prepare a Bach Flower treatment bottle: Add 2 drops of up to 7 remedies in a 30ml / 1oz treatment bottle. As preservative (optional) you can add 2 tsp. of brandy, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. Fill the remaining space with spring or mineral water. From this mixture you take 4 drops (or 2 sprays), 4 times a day until you feel better.

You can also add two drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals. If no water is available the Remedies can be taken undiluted either in the mouth, on the skin behind the ears or on the inside of the wrist.