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Rescue Pearls

Rescue Pearls


Rescue Pearls
Rescue Pearls

Rescue Pearls is a small capsule that you place on your tongue and let melt when you need the stress relief that Rescue Remedy provides. The fast-dissolving capsule quickly releases 4 drops of Rescue Remedy to help you enjoy a stress-free day.

Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock.
Clematis: For the tendency to pass out and unconsciousness, being far away and not present mentally.
Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger, temper tantrum.
Impatiens: For irritability, tension, and fidgety.
Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic.

5x (HPUS) dilution Star of Bethlehem – Orithogalum umbellatum Rock Rose – Helianthemum Cherry Plum – Prunus cerasifera Impatiens – Impatiens gladulifera Clematis – Aesculus Hippocastanum

Alcohol-free, Rescue Pearls are suitable for all the family to use.

Inactive Ingredients:
Carnuba wax, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Capsule shell (fish sourced Tilapia gelatin), natural flavoring (orange oil and vanilla), pectin, bulking agent (sorbitol).

Made in Japan
Gluten & Dairy Free

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Success Stories

Gives me some calmness
I use it at work and it seems to take the edge off.  Wish it would work that well at my dog trials!

Great Help for Anxiety

I like the way this product helps me calm down

Great product & service
I got this product quickly & easily. I really enjoy this product. It works really well.

I suffered from panic attacks, and my NP wanted me to go on antidepressants, I don’t like nor want to become dependent on a pharmaceutical drug. I heard about your Rescue Pearls through a group chat and I decided to try them. I’ve never looked back. Literally worked like a miracle. With healthy eating, exercise and rescue pearls I’ve found my way out of the dark. I love that they’re all natural too So thank you so much for helping me get back to myself.

Great product to take the edge off the everyday stresses of life. Competent service and fast delivery.

Helps me feel calmer
This helps me feel calmer in public situations where I normally have anxiety.
Maria Philbrick from Dubuque, IA United States

Like the melts better
I do like these, but the melts are small and dissolve really fast.
Barbara Boyce from Bradenton, FL United States

Rescue Pearls( alcohol free) 28 Caps
I have been using this product for years and find it most helpful. Without side effects !!
Violet Henighan from Philadelphia, PA United States

Has relieved major anxiety in pet!
As per our vets recommendation we began using Rescue Remedy for our dog to help alleviate stress and anxiety during thunder storms and fireworks. Works best if we are aware of an upcoming event and give her 2 pearls approximately 30 minutes in advance. Our dog readily eats the pearl from our hand so it is easy to administer.
Suzanne Sutton from New Egypt, NJ United States

This product works very well.
Better than I expected without the alcohol. We’ll be buying more of this product for sure.
Maria Philbrick from Dubuque, IA United States

Best cure for anxiety
I’m chronic anxious and this is my best remedy and it’s natural!
Jesus ibarra from mcallen, TX United States

Take back time
It’s sometimes difficult to recover from the sudden impacts of daily life. The Pearls have provided me some comfort.
Susan Armstrong from WEBSTER, WI United States

Its good.
But I much more prefer the liquid remedy, but this come in handy when im in a classroom or a moving car.
Cal from jakarta selatan, DKI jakarta Indonesia

Discrete to use
Easier than spray.  Better than gummy chews.  Great idea.
Suzanne Tisdale-Foucher from Lakehills, TX United States

Rescue Pearls (alcohol free) 28 Caps
I think this is a wonderful product. I would recommend this to anyone. I have also used the Rescue Remedy for pets on my cat when she was stressed and it really helped her a great deal.
Cherie from Ballwin, MO United States