Crab apple blossoms

– Crab Apple

Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple

“This is the remedy of cleansing. For those who feel as if they have something not quite clean about themselves. Often it is something of apparently little importance: in others there may be more serious disease which is almost disregarded compared to the one thing on which they concentrate. In both types they are anxious to be free from the one particular thing which is greatest in their minds and which seems so essential to them that it should be cured. They become despondent if treatment fails. Being a cleanser, this remedy purifies wounds if the patient has reason to believe that some poison has entered which must be drawn out.” – Dr. Edward Bach

“Accept Imperfection”

Keywords: Cleansing, poor self-image, sense of uncleanliness, obsessive, compulsive.
Human indication: 
When you feel unclean or have a hard time accepting your own self-image. Cleansing. Use externally on ringworm, rashes and warts.
Animal indication: Obsessive cleanliness, fastidiousness; excessive grooming. Pets with rashes.

Inactive Ingredient:
 Preservative 27% Grape Alcohol

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Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple

Success Stories

Skin so soft!
The crab apple really helped heal my skin suffering from heavy metals and made me more confident in myself! I combined it with pine. Couldn’t survive without this.

Crab apple
Definitely helps as described!

Using it on dogs
Has a beneficial effect on my dogs, thank you.

So far, so good
So far, my kitty has much less of a tendency to scratch uncontrollably or groom excessively, since I started putting 2 drops of the Cherry Plum and the Crab Apple tinctures in her water bowl every morning. I am very pleased!

Prepare a Bach Flower Treatment Bottle

Prepare a Bach Flower treatment bottle: Add 2 drops of up to 7 remedies in a 30ml / 1oz treatment bottle. As preservative (optional) you can add 2 tsp. of brandy, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. Fill the remaining space with spring or mineral water. From this mixture you take 4 drops (or 2 sprays), 4 times a day until you feel better.

You can also add two drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals. If no water is available the Remedies can be taken undiluted either in the mouth, on the skin behind the ears or on the inside of the wrist.