Honeysuckle flower

– Honeysuckle

Bach Flower Remedy Honeysuckle

“Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness, or memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true. They do not expect further happiness such as they have had.” – Dr. Edward Bach

“Embrace The Now”

Keyword: Homesickness, nostalgia, bereavement, living in the past
Human indication: 
For over-attachment to past memories good or bad, can’t let go of the past, homesickness.
Animal/pet indication: Homesickness or over-attachment to the past. Loss of owner, friend or home

Inactive Ingredient:
 Preservative 27% Grape Alcohol

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Bach Flower Remedy Honeysuckle

Success Stories

Embrace the now
The first indication that something was happening was I was able to sleep well again. It’s been years of taking meds for insomnia and anxiety of and on and in a matter of days, without meds or drinking I finally was able to sleep. I couldn’t believe it and my family couldn’t either. I was drinking every day and now no desire. The inflammation in my body has decreased. My appetite for healthy foods has taken precedence in my life. I’m journaling again after decades of not writing, I started walking for exercise. How I’m relating to my family and how they relate to me is completely different in the most positive way. I am going to post this same review for each of the products that were in my blend because I don’t know which of any of them is responsible or if it is simply the collective application. All I can say for sure is, it works for me. So grateful.

Sometimes I feel guilty about the past and this product helps me feel better about choices that I have made in the past.

Prepare a Bach Flower Treatment Bottle

Prepare a Bach Flower treatment bottle: Add 2 drops of up to 7 remedies in a 30ml / 1oz treatment bottle. As preservative (optional) you can add 2 tsp. of brandy, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. Fill the remaining space with spring or mineral water. From this mixture you take 4 drops (or 2 sprays), 4 times a day until you feel better.

You can also add two drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals. If no water is available the Remedies can be taken undiluted either in the mouth, on the skin behind the ears or on the inside of the wrist.