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Restricted diets can help children with ADHD, study suggests

by Bettina

Different foods trigger different behavioral problems and should be monitored, according to paper in the Lancet * Sarah Boseley, health editor * The Guardian, Friday 4 February 2011 * Article history Ritalin is widely used to treat children diagnosed with ADHD, but a paper in the Lancet suggests changing diet may be as effective. Children […]

What is Insomnia?

by Bettina

What Causes Insomnia? Insomnia (in-SOM-ne-ah) is a common condition in which you have trouble falling or staying asleep. This condition can range from mild to severe, depending on how often it occurs and for how long. Insomnia can be chronic (ongoing) or acute (short-term). Chronic insomnia means having symptoms at least 3 nights a week […]

Returning Soldiers Ignite Mental Health Crisis – Bach Flower Has a Remedy for That

by Bettina

Returning Soldiers Ignite Mental Health Crisis – Bach Flower Has a Remedy for That Military bases and the civilian health care system are bracing themselves for a surge in demand for mental health care resources. Crunch expected as President-elect Barack Obama is committed to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq within 16 months (Reuters). According to […]