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 For those who are sick, peace of mind and harmony with the Soul is the greatest aid to recovery. – Dr. Bach

Alcohol-free Bach Flower Remedies are available, there are a few options.

Rescue Remedy Pets in 10 and 20 ml bottles are in an alcohol-free version of the original Rescue Remedy labeled for animals, but safe and usable by humans too. BUY NOW>>

Rescue Remedy Kids is the original version preserved in vegetable glycerin for those who prefer an alcohol-free version for their children or themselves. BUY NOW>>

Rescue Sleep Melts is an alcohol free version of Rescue Sleep, but in little gel caps. BUY NOW>>

Rescue Pastilles are small tasty candies made with Rescue Remedy, also alcohol free. BUY NOW>>

Rescue Pearls is an alcohol free version of Rescue Remedy, but in little gel caps BUY NOW>>

Rescue Gum is another alcohol-free option.  (not available in the USA) You may want to replace it with Rescue Pastilles

All the individual 38 Bach Flower Remedies alcohol-free 10ml are available for purchase at BUY NOW>>

The liquid versions of alcohol-free individual Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy are preserved in 80% Vegetable Glycerin.

“It was Dr Bach’s dearest wish that his work remain unaltered in its basic simple form.”– John Ramsell, Questions & Answers