Beech plant

– Beech

Bach Flower Remedy Beech

“For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them. And, although much appears to be wrong, to have the ability to see the good growing within. So as to be able to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding of the different way each individual and all things are working to their own perfection.”

“Be More Tolerant”

Keywords: Intolerance, critical, lack of compassion
Human Indication: 
When you need more tolerance toward other people.
Animal/Pet indication:
 Intolerance toward animals, people, events and situations.
Inactive Ingredient: Preservative 27% Grape Alcohol

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Bach Flower Remedy Beech

Success Stories

It takes time, but it is working now
I bought this in hopes it would calm down my driving. It doesn’t work immediately- it took almost a month. The dose is two tiny drops and I take it twice daily. The bottle lasts months because the dose is so small. I already bought three more bottles when they were on sale.

Used for my animals for stress.

Prepare a Bach Flower Treatment Bottle

Prepare a Bach Flower treatment bottle: Add 2 drops of up to 7 remedies in a 30ml / 1oz treatment bottle. As preservative (optional) you can add 2 tsp. of brandy, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. Fill the remaining space with spring or mineral water. From this mixture you take 4 drops (or 2 sprays), 4 times a day until you feel better.

You can also add two drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals. If no water is available the Remedies can be taken undiluted either in the mouth, on the skin behind the ears or on the inside of the wrist.